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Carol J.  Phipps

Carol J. Phipps

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Dr. Phipps, Ph.D., is retired. Her work-ministry history creatively combined a wealth of education and experience in Communications. She blended the arts, teaching, pastoral care, public speaking, storytelling, acting, writing, and organizational and administrative skills. Phipps thrived, serving as a Hospital Chaplain. Her professional work at the historic Madison State Hospital in Indiana became a model for other hospitals.

Throughout her career Phipps presented programs in "Art as Ministry in Times of Transition," and “Art, Healing, & Spirituality.” She served as a Humor Consultant for local Hospital Oncology and Pediatric units; and assisted the development of a hospital humor therapy room.  Phipps traveled and taught for eight years with the National Clown, Mime, Puppet, and Dance Ministry, and Storytelling and Religious Message Workshop, both of which provided performance and class work in several states annually. Between 1985 and 2005 Phipps was both an instructor and performer for the National Clown School held in Missouri each February.  Her Ph.D. degree is in Theology and Aesthetics.