Carol Phipps
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Carol Phipps entertaining the saints

Fun-filled, inspirational programming!

During her career Carol J. Phipps (and alias, "Servo Servin") creatively wove comedy, storytelling and acting skills together with texts, rhythm, chant, pantomime, and audience participation to create a dynamic living experience unique to each audience.

A. Character Acting & Monologues
     (singing & acting)
B. Humor in the Bible
C. Storytelling
D. Puppets
E. Balloon Sculpting
F. Storytelling Clowning with "Servo Servin," a Fool for God


"We enjoyed the performances. We are still laughing."
Matt, Missouri

"Thanks for helping me cry and find the laughter again. I needed that."
Cheryl, North Carolina

Bob Evans Restaurant, West Virginia

"I sure wish there was a better word than 'thanks' to express my appreciation . . . . We were certainly blessed. I thought I knew all there was to know about that scripture story until I saw you tell it."
Senior Adult, Kansas

"[Carol] genuinely has a unique ministry that speaks to children of all ages (1-100) with a simple but clear message."
Bill, Georgia

"The workshops at Ridgecrest were a fulfillment of a deep, longtime desire of my heart."
Peg, Connecticut

"I really enjoyed the clowning\puppetry workshop in Pennsylvania. God has blessed you with unique, innovative talents to reach hurting people."
Sharon, Pennsylvania

"What a funny clown you are!"
Margie, Georgia

Carol J. Phipps