Carol Phipps
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Creative Teaching.

Encouraging the spirit

to keep on

keeping on

with faith,



Carol draws from many years of local church and interfaith ministry experience, and biblical, theological education spanning 25 years.

Bible Studies:

  • Enabling a life of prayer.
  • Dreams, Dreaming, and the Bible — Teaching and Interpretation.
  • Basic Bible Doctrines.
  • Cultivating the Fruits of the Spirit.
  • God as the Eternal Helpmate of the Soul. Divine Presence in times of "felt" Absence (Study of Biblical Narratives entitled, "Rambling on About God").
  • "Hope Walking, Love Reaching, Faith Squinting" (Biblical teaching woven with reflection on original art work).
  • "Godly Wisdom," the alternative perception of a "Fool for Christ" (1 Corinthians 1:25; 4:10; includes biographical studies of individuals from the past and present).
  • "Fortunate Captivity." An exciting, imaginative, unique presentation of the primordial flood from the biblical book of Genesis. Exploring the Noah and Ark story from the perspective of animals left behind, and surviving animals from generations following the great flood. Original workbook dealing with grief, loss, and creative lamentation.

Carol J. Phipps