cjphipps - collage work

'Under the Willow'
©2003 Carol J. Phipps

Since childhood I have felt
a kind of affinity
with the Weeping Willow tree.
A huge Willow stands at the
corner of a nearby golf course;
befriending the small lake by its side,
this Willow Weeps and waves, unwearied,
so it appears to me
as it welcomes and dances with the winds
traveling through its long di-vined fingers and toes.
I enjoy the sight
of the giant rustling Weeping Willow
like one might enjoy the company of a friend who
weeps when one is weeping,
laughs when one is laughing;
present in memory even when absent in time.
Doing this collage at the advent of the
Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons
reminded me of
God willing to be present
with us
while knowing all there is to know.

Psalm 139 expresses this knowledge and divine love.

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