cjphipps - collage work

'Spirit Rising'
©2004 Carol J. Phipps

For weeks I had been photographing the colors and forms of the Fall season. I was meditating on life, health, illness, death, resurrection and the beginning and impending end of Fall, and beginning of Winter. The Gingko tree and its leaves has always been a favorite with it being a symbol for healing. Contemplation on my own life journey with illness and renewed strength led me to do this collage using torn colors and leaves I gathered from my photography walks. It takes a lot of glue to fill the veins of a leaf and the collage-making process was longer for this work; more time to reflect on the journey of my spirit and the Spirit of the Great Physician. I've used the symbol of the Gingko, and that of the Bird (three types of birds from around the world) to tell my story of healing recognizing the Spirit of Christ rising with healing under wing. Each of the birds in this collage are laced with actual pieces of Gingko stems and leaves. The reflection pool and the chapel steeple therein have significance in the visual story as well.


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