cjphipps - collage work

'My God My God'
©1997 Carol J. Phipps

This collage was the first in a series of collage works. It depicts a dream the artist had as a youth wherein she dreamed the poem which is part of the collage (lower right hand corner). The dream was the following words: "Just a while back, About last week, I jumped into a manhole hoping to sleep; It was dark and cold in there and I was frightened; Then I heard a voice and the manhole lightened; the voice was calm and gentle like a cool breeze; All I could say was, ‘tell me who it is, oh, please’; the voice came again, it seemed to be quite near, So I bent over to lend an ear; In the next moment a figure came into sight, Looked like a person, but glowed like a light; Finally this person spoke to me and said, ‘Why are you here and not in bed?" All I could say was, ‘for this reason Sir, a manhole as beautiful as this, I prefer.’" DREAM-POEM (C) 1965. COLLAGE

Medium: Colors torn and cut from magazine


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