cjphipps - collage work

'Hope Creates'
©1999 Carol J. Phipps

This original collage (11" x 15") is another piece which grew out of experience with cancer and has similarities to “Fortunate Captivity.” However, the blue sky with billowy white clouds in “Hope Creates” is a little brighter than the unseen sky in “Fortunate Captivity.” A well-tended, spacious garden of red hibiscus, sunflowers, red and white roses, green plants, irises, and fiery yellow and red day lilies wait for the welcome “Presence” represented by the footprints visible along the path between the flowers. The title for this piece was inspired by a poem of Shelley, ". . . To suffer woes which Hope thinks infinite; To forgive wrongs darker than death or night; to defy Power which seems omnipotent; To love, and bear; To hope till Hope creates From its own wreck the Thing it contemplates . . . ."

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