cjphipps - collage work

'Hand of the Lord'
©2002 Carol J. Phipps

A tribute, this sculpture was conceived in 2002 along with the following reflection on Isaiah 49:13-16.

“Guide my Hand,
Help me Lord
Create a tribute to
Dear friends,
Your own E ~ and B ~ “
“This hand,
Symbol of Your own and theirs
Gives rise to joy and rejoicing.”
“You have blessed me, Lord,
Wonderously with the
Support of friends;
You’ve given comfort, shown compassion;
Never have I been forsaken
nor forgotten ‘though afflicted.”
“Behold, You have
Inscribed our Names on the
Palms of Your Hands.
(Isaiah 49:13-16)
Shout for joy, O’ heavens!
And rejoice, O’ earth!”
May heaven and earth
Bless E ~ and B ~
Servant-Helpers of the Lord, Our God;
For Your helpers and mine
In times of trouble
I praise You El Shaddai!
And Thank You for Your Hands.

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