cjphipps - collage work

'Prophetess Anna'
©1999 Carol J. Phipps

Completing this portrait of a great, yet often forgotten woman of faith and vision (Luke 2:36-38) was a personal high point. In a singular, and uncanny way I felt Anna’s spirit present with me as I worked and then completed the piece; Anna seemed to be smiling and thanking me for remembering her; I felt, as it were, her warm embrace. A picture of my mother was the model for this portraiture--her crooked grin, and pointing, gnarled hand evidence the reality of strokes and a difficult widowhood. Yet faith and good humor reign with the acknowledgment of the Redeemer come and present with us! Her eyes see her Savior and she unashamedly declares faith in God. Medium: torn paper; eyebrow pencil.



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